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The Moonlandingz

Very first writing recording sessions in Sheffield for our first EP April 28/29th 2014

  • Adamczewski, manspreading for big licks!!

  • Johnny Rocket : "What do you reckon to this line,.. Matter, Matter, matter everywhere?!!"

  • Hitler North, Hitler and Hitler South

  • Breakfast booze at the Bowling Green Studio

  • Rocket reads , as Saul solos.

'Sweet Saturn Mine' video shoot with Maxine Peake June 2014

  • "Cracking tin foil nips mate!!"

  • Maxine Peake goes Method. "come 'ere Johnny, let me help yer with them lad!!"

  • The Turps goes to everyone's head.

Mini UK Tour August 2015

  • Ice cream for bro

  • Saul cruising on the roof of the Belgrave music hall, Leeds.

  • Sexeh having a little me time at the Lexington, London.

  • Make up call for Mr Rocket. Manchester.

Recording the album New York Sep 15 / Jan 16

  • Sean Lennon : "Come on guys, there's work to be done!!"

  • Bringing the Peckham Damage.

  • Mairead rocking the bat bass.

  • Dean & Mairead over joyed at the 48th take of Glory Hole.

  • Birthday Boy.

  • Dean, Johnny, Adrian & an actual alien.

  • Sean's casual approach to synth playing.

  • YOKO, the first lady of freakout!

  • Randy the cowboy from The Village People. The meat in a Moonlandingz sandwich.

  • Dean Honer, Synth Yoda in a winter wonderland.

  • Sexeh, does VH1's Behind the music.

  • The voice of sweet Saturn.

  • God save America

  • Dean's hip hop hand thing, Times Square, NYC.

  • Peas & Loathe.

  • Beam me up Scotty.

  • Brooklyn Bridge, a snapshot in time.

  • The Walrus of Sexeh.

  • Cotton pickin' red necks.

  • Ross 'the rock' Orton, and his massive fire engine.

  • Sean a one man band.

  • Lovely set of pipes..

  • Rocket plays stairway to heaven...*band leaves room.

  • Synth Yoda, stops grizzly bear passing.

  • Sexeh walking down the middle of 5th Ave during the great storm of January 2016.

Mini UK Tour & U.S. Spring 2016

  • Turfed out on to the street in Austin, Texas.

  • Wildman Rocket & Margate Rita aka Rebecca Taylor.

  • Saul greets security at Colston Hall, Bristol.

  • Finally, The Jam have reformed.

  • Big Heads

  • "You tell Boss Hogg, I'm the new Sheriff in town!!'

  • Margate Rita, strikes a pose, 5.30 am, in a lift in Texas.

  • Saul Adamczewski, make up Artist to the stars.

  • True Love never lies.

  • "When i say push!!"

  • Manfreedo & Sexeh take the 'Chicken Run" to the garage on the hard side of town!

  • "Just you wait till I've taken this boot off!!"

  • Everybody loves the chocolate man. Backstage, Austin City Limits, guests of Iggy Pop.

  • The Rocket & Stockport's answer to Ron Jeremy.

  • Mushrooms & wine, Hebden Bridge.

  • The Rocket sets fire to the backstage rider, in Bristol. Mairead "That don't impress me much!!"

  • One for the ladies...

  • Ross Orton, a man endlessly relaxed in Texas.

  • Knob Puller

  • Smoking NOT.

  • Synth Yoda & J.R, stage side, Austin City Limits.